-time: 3:30pm
– speaker: Emmanuel Shaltha.

…….In engaging a creative mind, let’s look at 3 minds that we can draw lessons from.

• l talk about Israel in 2 folds. Israel as a person (the grandson of Abraham;Jacob) & Israel as a people and a nation (the descendants of Abraham): the twelve tribes of Israel: Sons of Leah: Reuben, Simon, Levi, Judah, Isachar & Zebullum; sons of Billal: Gad & Asher; sons of Racheal: Joseph & Benjamin; sons of Zilpah Gad & Napthali. Even to present nation of Israel today.

• There are 2 kinds of stars in the world:
(1) Rev 12:4 – descendants of the dragon: the pop stars, hollywoodstars, media stars, “celebrities” entertainers or worldly stars, the kim kardashans, the justin Biebers, justin Timberlakes etc. they are stars (we can identify them with the dragon tattoos drawn all on them aswell)

(2) Gen 15:5 – descendants of Abraham: are stars also. Every covenant child of God is a star. Stars have no business being on the ground but in the sky like eagles. The descendant of the dragon are stars and we tend to emulate their influences. I believe because we don’t know our covenant position is stardom also.
So therefore we must shine in our: (1). confidence (Ps 65:5,Pr 3:6, 14:26, Eph3:12, 1Jhn 5:14) (2). Peace of mind (Ps 4:8, Ps 29:11, Ps 37:11, 37:37, Jhn 14:27). (3) Health (Ex 5:26, Duet 7:15). (4) Pride of place (Ps 139:11). and (5) An excellent creative mind (2Tim 1:7)

In Gen15:5- God had to expose Abraham to the sky, stars and sand.
• It is not in your certification that you are distinguished but in your exposures. This is where our educational system missed it. This is where the church must consider. To give the youth platforms such as this to expose their talent hunt, talk shows; exposing them to information, to light, innovations, creativity, examples & inspirations.
The youth must not also wait. He should develope & expose himself in godly meeting, seminar, conventions; godly friends, mentors, books and diaries with the aid of the social media.
One will be amazed: Some of the most beautiful babes, dudes & godly Christians in the world he will discover if he exposes himself in such gathering.
The scriptures says were 2 or 3 are gathered. To some where 2 or 3 are gathered they are stammering, because they aren’t exposed. They can’t say an opening prayer or face a congregation because no exposure. Some cant say hi to a lady even.(heart attack)

1.God cannot communicate with an “inexposed” person. As a matter of fact God talks with exposure like we see in Gen15:5(the stars), Ex3:1-7(the burning bush), Ex2:9-10(Moses exposed to administration & leadership skill in Pharaohs palace), 1sam17:33-37(David exposed to battle & danger in the wilderness so that Goliath is a work over)
You can interchange exposure for vision. You will always find God saying: What do you see Jeremiah? This is because God is a seeing God. And He expects the seed of Abraham to see not just look. Ask the fella beside you: what do you see?
Everyone can look at a piece of stone and pass by but a sculpture looks at it and sees a masterpiece stonework. Every guy can walk past a lady, but someone looks at her and see a gem; a mother of nation(Gen2:22-23)-like Adam saw Eve; like Boaz saw Ruth; like Jacob sees Rachael.

Everybody in Ajah is hustling & Bustling. But someone comes into Ajah and sees a godly and kingdom community, an economic and regional industrial hub. Cashing on the Lekki free trade zone; the peninsula stretch; reclaiming the hospitality, real estate, metropolitan urbanization & infrastructure.
People passed this land and saw nothing but the City of Joy passed and saw this facility. That is vision.
Take a look at your life there is something interesting that you are not seeing. Every vision is propelled by exposure.

2. An inexposed mind is a closed mind(Hos4:6)

my definition of exposure is just like what you have in the camera. When an aperture is opened something is captured. Therefore “exposure is something NEW”.
Everyday is an exposure. The 24 elders bow everynow because they see something new about God everynow.
If you are not seeing something NEW you can’t make NEWS.
Three thing that exposes a man is 1. people 2.places 3.books.
Who have you met? where will you go? what book will you?

(Bill Jefferson Clinton at 9 visited the white House on a school escortion exercise and there dreamt of residing as a president in the White House) (@ the age of 5 Tiger woods was introduced by his father to the golf course and that exposure created the passion for golf. As he is the all time best) (at the age of 3 Andrea crouch, other recording artiste: Whitney Houston, Darkchild, Bob Marley, Fred Hammond were exposed to music and the piano and these are all time Grammy award winners or nominees. ( The average Jew child at the age of 5 already finishes reading the Torah: This are the five books of Moses( Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy).

The Mind of Israel is a mind of exposure. Whatever you see is what you will produce! Even the animals in Genesis 30:32 produced the kind of offsprings they saw in the polar rods, the chestut tree; ringstaked and streaked. Abraham produced the kind of offspring he saw. He produced stars because he saw stars as his offspring. What are you seeing? If you see good leadership, you will produce good leadership. If you see vibrant economy, you will produce vibrant economy. If you see a godly and kingdom community, you will produce a godly and kingdom community. If you see wonderful infrastructures and a workable system, you will produce just what you saw. What do you see?

To parents and expectant parents: Take your child to deliberate and strategic places. Take them to Leadership meetings(like we had at the leadership book presentation In Lagos March 2014). Take them to Car shops, exquisite places; expose them to places they can dream. You may never tell what that aperture will capture.
Familiarize your kids with N1000 notes, Dollars, Pounds; Let them handle it, keep it, save it. You are wittingly expanding their mind to handle wealth and to be accountable and responsible both as leaders or as business men.
Africa’s problem majorly is that when a “poor man stumbles on wealth, he embezzles; he launders it because he is not familiar or exposed to money or wealth. A man familiar with wealth is a simple fellow.
At the age of 5-9 A child needs to already by exposure have a vision. Unlike what is obtainable today where Jam-bites don’t still know what course of study to pursue.

(1chron17:7- I took thee from the sheep-cote…, Ps78:70- He chose David his servant… Ps89:20- I have found David…)
(1sam16:6- surely the Lords anointed…)
..what made God find David by passing Eliab, Shammnah….and Saul?

God knew if He employed David, David won’t bother for the pay.
The major problem and challenge is that we are in God for the salary; quite a number of us are in church for the pay. We are problem driven and not prospect driven. God understands (Mt 6:25-34)
Davids mind was more in the service; the prospect more than it was for the salary. Successful people regularly go beyond the call of duty at work. Even if something is not in their job description, they will volunteer to do it. Volunteers are WOW! people. As an entrepreneur how do you wow! your clients? As a student how do you wow! your instructors? As a parent how do you wow! your children? As a child how do you wow! your parents? Those who work for the salary are sustained by the salary, whilst those who volunteer are sustained by Divine volition (1kg3:3-5). True greatness is volunteered. Ruth and Rebekkah volunteered their way into destiny(Gen24:14-27,Rth 1:11-22;2:20-23); the sons of Levi and the 12 apostles all volunteered their way into destiny (Ex32:26, Mt 10:2-13)

(a) Volunteer builds team spirit- ( David in Adullam, derelicts and vain persons gathered unto him, and he was to lead, accept them for free. They later became the Mighty men of David)
(b) It builds interpersonal, communication, leadership skills, humility and a spirit of caring. Any one having a challenge should volunteer in that aspect that concerns him.

sometimes good passes us unnoticed, sorry a lot of times good passes us underutilized, unharnessed and volunteering has many advantages for teenagers, youth, employees, recruiters, human resource managers, leaders, organization and society at large.

Volunteering as defined by volunteering England: Any activity that involves spending time unpaid doing something that benefits the environment, someone (individual or group) other than or in addition to close relatives in a free decision. Formal as in private or public voluntary organization or informal as in a community participation.

1. Acquiring workplace knowledge and skill and can help secure employment in that place of volunteering.(eg go to a diagnostic lab and request the MD you want to work for free. The MD will be impressed with that mindset as against the salary prospect of the common, and there’s a likelihood the asset you pose will make you employable.

2.Contacts: and hence possible employment. Whenever one assist, help or serve without pay, it is somewhat a marketing strategy.

3. Volunteering helps one discover and to know his abilities, purpose, calling and vision. The reason why a number of youths are in the nimble is because they are waiting for the unknown. Volunteering exposes you. For instance a person with a phobia for blood already knows he’s not cut for surgery.

4. Volunteering is a form of tithing. I believe as youth we can tithe our strength, skill and time. Tithing is not necessary in monetary terms alone, it can be in the fruit of ones mind, time, skill etc also.

5. Creativity: Unless you know your true worth, you can’t be creative. There’s a quality of life, fulfillment, goodness and feeling of self worth that comes with creativity. When people pay you, they have put a price tag on you; when you volunteer only you can put the price tag. Every great person is a volunteer. That was the mind of David.

(Where do mad people go? Heaven or Hell?: seeing some are responsible whilst others were inflicted with it)
madness medically is a disease, spiritually it is a bondage, politically it is a minus, socially it is a menace. But MADNESS is not an event or person but a BEHAVIOUR.

David was the only sane person God could choose because of gratitude.
The man who does not value his mind will loose his mind. The mad fellow is not that folk walking naked in Ajah market or in Abeokuta, a mad fellow could be that employee in that blue chip company with some nice tuxedo sitting beside you in church. Just a little time a mind not creative will be lost. For example Dan4:29-34(Nebuchadnezzar) and Mrk5:2-25(the mad man of the Gangrenes) Nebuchadnezzar was counted a king by men but a mad man by God whilst this mad fellow was counted mad by men but a great man by God.

Whenever God enters a great congregation, He counts only the grateful people, the rest are mad people! (WERE!) Gratitude is the sure sign of sanity! ingratitude is the sure sign of insanity!

There are potent weapons known to men. We have the A-A( anti aircraft guns), AK, A10, SMG’s and IBM’s(intercontinental ballistic missiles); but no weapon is potent as prayer. Prayer is a weapon that can turn situation from one extreme to another; from bitter to sweet; failure to success; losing to winning; hopelessness to hope.

The devil will never follow a man to his prayer room.

The prayer meeting is one of the least attended meeting in the christian gathering. The reason is people only pray when prayer comes to mind.

Prayer is a mind thing as much as it is a spiritual thing, and it commands  spiritual results.
It takes a good mind to pray a good prayer like Abraham and Moses “intervening” intercessions.
It takes a great mind to pray a great prayer like Solomon.

It takes the kind of Daniels mind to be relevant in 4 succesive regime of Babylon.
Prayer is like which came first between the chick and the egg. If you say the chick, then how did the chick come? If you say the hen, then how did the hen come?
So it is with prayer and the mind. That except a man is mindful, he won’t be prayerful, and except a man is prayerful, he won’t be mindful.
If prayer is not in a mind one won’t pray. Somebody is checking time, sleeping and won’t pray because it is not in his mind.
Real prayer is not also in the long hours, it is not in the grammatical construction, vocabulary, commas or full stop.
Real prayers come with catarrh, sweat, yeah God help me!!! I’m finished!!! tears groaning and pangs.(Prayer is often a cry for Help)


There are 6 things in life that everyone is endowed with,but I will share 4 because of our time. 1. Time 2. Skill 3. Opportunity (how u use your own opportunity is your business) 4. Life (that’s why I’m still here. If you are still breathing, then you have all opportunities). utilize this 4 and u will fly. – Pst Ademayowa O. Noiki (Area Pastor City of Joy RCCG- in conclusion and prayer to the youth in the meeting.

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And Joseph said unto Pharaoh, The dream of Pharaoh is one: God hath shewed Pharaoh what he is about to do. The seven good kine are seven years; and the seven good ears are seven years: the dream is one. And the seven thin and ill favoured kine that came up after them are seven years; and the seven empty ears blasted with the east wind shall be seven years of famine. This is the thing which I have spoken unto Pharaoh: What God is about to do he sheweth unto Pharaoh. Behold, there come seven years of great plenty throughout all the land of Egypt: And there shall arise after them seven years of famine; and all the plenty shall be forgotten in the land of Egypt; and the famine shall consume the land; And the plenty shall not be known in the land by reason of that famine following; for it shall be very grievous.

Gen 41:25-31

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:
A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted;
A time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up;

Eccl 3:1-3

In our hearts of heart, we relish these scripture, because we wish one thing above the other. We wish for the time to dance than to mourn. We wish the time to gain than to loose, we wish the time to reap than to sow, we wish the time to succeed than to fail. We pretend to understand that both times must come to pass. And just as we wish and plan to succeed, we must also bear the wish and the plan not to fail when the time to fail and its season comes. And this is because a man who fights not to fail has nothing more to gain, but protects what he can lose. Whilst a man who fights to succeed, risk what he can lose for what he can gain.
In our quest to succeed, to achieve our goals, it dawns on us that we can even lose that which we have already. We occupy our minds with the relish of success, and never plan for the season and time of failure.
Joseph’s integral interpretation of pharaoh’s dream was the implementation of the plan in anticipation for the lean years. The years of famine. That was a plan not to fail in the season and time of failure.
Gideon’s men who lapped water to their mouth, though were not in the battle at the time, were in touch with reality. They didn’t let down their guards, as far as they were concerned, there is no specific place or a specific time for battle. The battle can just be right here and right now, regardless of what they may be doing. Life may or may not fix or fax us the rendezvous and time to battle. But the man who cannot be defeated is the man who cannot be taken by surprise. The men who lapped like dogs perhaps have synchronized their watches to a particular time and their maps to a particular location for battle. But one strategy of warfare is surprise. How often we rescind or are at bay, just because everything is calm and OK on the horizon. Such moments are most vulnerable.
It is not only after the battle you know a champion. A champion is known when there is no battle at sight.
The first strategy to winning a battle is the caution and wisdom to plan not to lose. It is the capacity not to fail that gives you a platform to succeed. Men who ever succeeded, first survived.
You may not have gained something or everything in life, but you have something you can lose. It could be the breathe in your nostrils, or the Jesus in your heart. The ability to keep what you already have is success.
The greed of gain highly guarantees you losing what you have already.
The trick of great gamblers is to gamble outside what they already have. They always enjoy the gamble because they are never losing. They never stake what they have or their “capital”. What they stake might be “grand” but it really means nothing when they lose it, but profits them when they win. In any event head or tail, they still got what they have.
For instance, God staked everything about Job except his soul. God knew what was important and what wasn’t. God is willing to mess and tease the enemy with anything, except the soul. You may have thought it was game over when you lost what you have lost. Perhaps an opportunity, perhaps some fortune, perhaps a major and defining breakthrough, perhaps a battle, a bid, a contest, perhaps hope, perhaps favor, perhaps some member of the body. But if you still have your soul, you haven’t lost out; you are not defeated; you haven’t failed. You can be everything you want to be; beyond your wildest dream you can achieve. And if your soul is saved, then you have a glorious destiny ahead of you. The enemy can go ahead and do whatever he may do; even as far as offering you that very thing you desire and dream about, but for as long as you won’t get him touch your soul, he’s only fooling around. The life which will guarantee Job another opportunity to recover anything lost and the salvation which secures a glorious destiny are commodities God is committed to.
That’s why whatever you are going through right now doesn’t matter because it doesn’t matter. It is the wisdom to keep and protect what we have that immunizes us in the face and time of failure.
When you count what you’ve got: Your life; your salvation; you cherish and protect them; then you are a winner.
In his book, “The Richest Man In Babylon”, George Samuel Clason writes that one of the principles of wealth creation, is protecting what you have. The value you place on a particular thing determines how you guide it (Mt 13:44).
Jesus lost nothing that belonged to Him. And more often, success or addition gravitates to the man who doesn’t lose what he has.
“For unto every one that hath shall be given, and he shall have abundance: but from him that hath not shall be taken away even that which he hath”.

A successful man is the person who is not seeking or risking to add a sheep to his 100, than to protect his 100 from being 99. For when you can uncompromisingly keep what you already have, you have succeeded.

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Our clocks and watches are set to what we can call civil time, designed to follow the Sun. We call the average time between noon and noon, one day, and divide that period into 24 equal hours. It takes roughly 365.25days for the earth to revolve around the sun in order to keep the calendar in phase with the seasons, we add a leap day every fourth year.

It is this version of time that is embedded most deeply into our brains because we use it every day. So therefore, we find it a good idea to include and use civil time in observing plans, programs and events because our brains which doesn’t function well at night is able to check time, or events occurring by 5AM simply against our watches or the bedside table clock

excerpts from the book: The Strength Of The Man: a call to visionary leadership. get a copy @ amazon.co.uk


It is true that the easiest thing to ask for is to ask for what is yours!   When we ask out of greed and covetousness it becomes difficult to get what we ask for. But whether we ask politely or not is inconsequential when what we are asking for is ours. We become leaders when we know that. We earn the votes and the confidence when we know what is ours.

This is because the strongest of men is a “cheated man”. One can’t defeat him. That fellow will wrestle Angels, men not withstanding.

A cheated ant will wear down an Elephant! The Elephant can only be free himself when the ant is pacified sooner or later, or it will inherit and insorb the restlessness and pain of this cheated ant. The woman in the gospel of Luke the eighteenth chapter, wasn’t only willing to wear down the unjust judge, but the judiciary if need be. And perhaps willing and ready to file through every appellate court, until she arrives the supreme court of Heaven if the ruling was not to her favor.

Rosa Park felt cheated to give up her seat for a white passenger. Martin Luther felt cheated to be judged by the colour of his skin. Nelson Mandela felt cheated to be denied his alienable rights.

This is because whenever  we feel cheated on any subject matter, then we have a case. But when we don’t feel cheated, however our condition, we don’t have a case.

Every visionary leader strides…….!!!!

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Humor shows us what to change and what to ignore

We laugh at situations and circumstances because it is better  and healthier, more rewarding; personally leveraging  and encouraging to laugh at them than to worry about them. “Humor really is our saving grace, and it helps keep us psychologically healthy…” attests Stephanie Sarkis PhD. Just like it was for the Hebrew boys. And Jesus counsel’s in Mathew 6:30,  “which of you, by taking thought can add a measure to your stature”. This is also because neither our laughter nor our worries, changes the situation in themselves. We laughed at the score lines in the football matches, and assume a relaxed atmosphere, because we could neither determine nor change the score line nor even make a change to the game. So at best we laughed and enjoyed it. It is intriguing, tensions-filled, with some edge-sitting suspense though. But like the sidemen in a chess game, card game, or a monopoly, we get a better view and vantage points from outside the game than the actual players in the field of play, perhaps because we are only spectators

What this suggests is that we really do not intend to change things we laugh about or talk about. Rather, we will and can only change things we talk to.

And Jesus answering saith unto them, Have faith in God For verily I say unto you, That whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith

Mark 11:22-23

How ever we talked about our situations, whether in private or in conference, the unpleasant circumstances around us, or about “the Mountains”, they don’t change. When we adjectivalize our issues; all we get from adjectives are information, descriptions, and qualifications. We draw up blue prints and pin-point objectives from seminars and summits, information from the news and tabloids, empowerment and education in colleges and conventions. And these all identify to us how, where, what, which and when our issues can be solved; but will not get the problem solved either. Until we talk to them. When we make a “Noun” out of them: meaning we make it a subject; identifying it as a thing, animal, place or person and not just an object or an adjective which only describes or qualifies the subject noun in a sentence, then they respond.(Nu 16:32, 22:11, Deut 4:26, 6:1, 26:2, 32:1, Jug 5:4, Is 14:15, 1Kg 1:40).

For instance, if the earth has ears to hear, mouth to swallow, eyes to witness, a face to be identified, a feet and hands to quake and to tremble, it then means, when we say: “satan, Cancer, Tuberculosis get lost!” “Peace, Wealth and Wisdom find your way to me!”  “Project be completed!” “Love, Favor, Money,Help, come to me!” “Barrenness, Poverty, Disappointment, out of my life!”   “Kitchen,  Wardrobe be filled!” Means we are talking to the issue and not discussing about it, and they respond accordingly. These two are important because just as we talk about or laugh about things; we trivialize them. And just as we talk to them; we change them.

Furthermore, the degree to which we are able effect change or become change agents is determined by the things we trivialize. Meaning we are able to set our priorities and goals in life only by knowing which and what things to ignore.

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