It is true that the easiest thing to ask for is to ask for what is yours!   When we ask out of greed and covetousness it becomes difficult to get what we ask for. But whether we ask politely or not is inconsequential when what we are asking for is ours. We become leaders when we know that. We earn the votes and the confidence when we know what is ours.

This is because the strongest of men is a “cheated man”. One can’t defeat him. That fellow will wrestle Angels, men not withstanding.

A cheated ant will wear down an Elephant! The Elephant can only be free himself when the ant is pacified sooner or later, or it will inherit and insorb the restlessness and pain of this cheated ant. The woman in the gospel of Luke the eighteenth chapter, wasn’t only willing to wear down the unjust judge, but the judiciary if need be. And perhaps willing and ready to file through every appellate court, until she arrives the supreme court of Heaven if the ruling was not to her favor.

Rosa Park felt cheated to give up her seat for a white passenger. Martin Luther felt cheated to be judged by the colour of his skin. Nelson Mandela felt cheated to be denied his alienable rights.

This is because whenever  we feel cheated on any subject matter, then we have a case. But when we don’t feel cheated, however our condition, we don’t have a case.

Every visionary leader strides…….!!!!

excerpts from the book: The Strength Of The Man: a call to visionary leadership. get a copy @


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